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Testing and reporting noise at work - indoor and outdoor workspaces in a variety of industries and environments.

Experienced in testing and reporting noisy machinery and work processes where noise needs to be monitored and controlled.

Entertainment venues noise tested and reported for your liquor licensing with OLGR.

Have your noise tested effectively, efficiently and reported in-depth and promptly.


Hi, I’m Mark O'Brien a local Acoustic Consultant in Cairns and Far North Queensland, providing a variety of services including Noise testing and reporting for Industrial workplaces, liquor licensing venues and a variety of workplaces and environments where noise needs testing for building, insurance and OH&S purposes.


I have worked in a variety of industries and have experience attending a variety of noise sampling, monitoring and testing work. I believe in providing effective solutions from my testing with in-depth and comprehensive reporting to provide you the data and solutions you require for the noise tested.

Any noise you need tested, give me a call or enquire through the contact form to discuss your requirements in a no obligations, open discussion today.

Services provided are;

Building: Aircraft Noise Assessment Report for building compliance in an Aircraft flight corridor.

Mining: Acoustic testing and reporting of airborne sound from machinery and heavy equipment.


Residential: Acoustic testing and reporting for airborne and vibration between rooms and floors in complex.


Body Corporate: Acoustic testing and reporting of noise at residential multi dwelling unit (MDU). 


Entertainment: Acoustic testing and reporting for the application or extension of liquor license to include live music and possibility of increasing minimum noise level at licensed premises.

- Acoustic testing and reporting of noise exposure levels to workers in the workplace.

- Experience in testing and reporting Acoustics in these industries;

- Industrial

- Manufacturing

- Heavy machinery

- Civil

- Maritime

- Mining

- Transportation

- Entertainment

If you need Acoustic testing and reporting of any nature not listed above, I am sure I can accommodate.


Give Mark a call or send an enquiry and have your noise tested today.



For any inquiries, questions or contact, call Mark on

0423 717 876 ,email at, or fill out the contact form and I will get back to you.

where there's noise


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