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Do you have a pub, club, cafe or space where alcohol and live music mix with laughter and good times?


If so, well the powers that be don't want your place to get too rowdy and need you to control it.


One way is to have the noise level of your venue set at a certain limit.

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With an Acoustic Report, you can find the maximum noise limit and then find ways to be able to control the noise.

Having live music does not mean it has to be loud. So when you mix alcohol and music, make sure it's mixed well. Check the levels at sound check and have it monitored throughout the performance. Just have to watch out that it doesn't get cranked up to 11.

Now when you want to send it into the stratosphere and really want to turn up the volume. Then you need to close the windows, doors and maybe have a few other noise traps in place.

The Acoustic Report will explain any noise controls methods that can be used right away and recommend certain noise mitigation measures that can be installed and suitable for your type of venue.

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So if you are wanting to have live performances and / or amplified music and are wanting to have an Acoustic Report completed, either send a contact below or call.

All it takes is a friendly chat, we can arrange a time to complete the noise testing and have the Acoustic Report completed promptly.

If you would like to know the costs, please fill out the quick quote below.


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