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One of the biggest benefit of living in Cairns North and to the northern beaches is the proximity to the Cairns International and Domestic Airport.


This can be a benefit or a curse because if you have a house or are planning on building a house in this area, you may need to consult the CairnsPlan 2016 and check if your address is inside an ANEF (Aircraft Noise Exposure Forecast) area.

Aircraft noise needs to be considered in the design phase of your renovation or new build.


If your house site is inside the ANEF zone, then when submitting your plan to Council you will need to provide an Aircraft Noise Assessment Report (Acoustic Report) detailing your building meets the standards for noise reduction.

The Acoustic report refers to the Australian Standards (AS 2021:2015) and ensures that your building is safe and acceptable within an ANEF zone.


If the building does not have enough noise reducing materials or the materials used such as walls, windows, roofing do not pass noise reduction requirements, then your building may not be compliant.

It’s best to have an Acoustic Report completed before the work has begun.


This is a desktop audit on the materials that will be used in your building, Aircraft data is compiled and the Rw ratings of the building materials in the schedule are assessed and judgement is made on whether your renovation or building will pass within the ANEF zone it is in.

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So if you have checked the location of your site and your building is within an ANEF zone, it’s a good idea to call or send a message to Mark at xNoise and from here can the development of your Aircraft Noise Assessment Report begin.

Living and working in an ANEF zone can be comfortable, and having a building compliant in noise reduction capabilities will offer quality of living standards for the future to come.

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